Vesa Korhonen

Vesa Korhonen
Department of Diagnostic Radiology / Room N4 171E
Oulu University Hospital, P.O.Box 50, 90029 Oulu, Finland
+358 40 7456584

Present position

  • Research Engineer, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Oulu University Hospital, Oulu, Finland

Current research interests

  • Multimodal Imaging of brain
  • Glymphatic Pulsations
  • Brain diseases

Previous working experience

  • Research Engineer, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Oulu University Hospital 01/2017-
  • Researcher / PhD student, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Oulu, 06/2011 – 12/2016
  • Research Assistant, Optoelectonics and Measurement techniques laboratory, University of Oulu 04/2011 – 05/2011


  • Doctor of Philosophy (medicine, radiology), University of Oulu, 2016
  • MSc in Technology, University of Oulu, 2011
  • BSc in Technology, University of Oulu, 2011


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