Vesa Kiviniemi


Vesa Kiviniemi
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, P.O.Box 50,
90029 OYS, Finland
vesa.kiviniemi(at) / vesa.kiviniemi(at)
358-(0)400-585274 / +358 (0)8 315 2616 (work)


  • Docent/Adj.professor 1.7.2011
  • Neuroradiologist 1.1.2006
  • MD, Ph.D. 18.1.2005
  • Radiologist 13.10.2003
  • MD 3.6.1996

Training Experience

  • Clinical teacher 1.9.2007-
  • Work Neuroradiologist Dept. Diagnostic Radiology 1.1.2006-
  • Head of Department, Oulaskangas Röntgen, Hospital of Oulaskangas. 1.1.2004 –31.8.2004
  • Radiologist Dept. Diagnostic Radiology of Oulu University Hospital 1.11.2003 –
  • Resident Radiology, Dept. Diagnostic Radiology of Oulu University Hospital 16.6.1997- 1.11.1998., 1.5.1998-1.10.2000., 1.4.2000.-31.10.2003
  • A scientific fellow in HUT: Functional studies in Medicine – school for scientists one year (1999-2000) in which research fellowship in Biophysics Department of Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA (1999, 2000, 2001)
  • After MD graduation 9.7.1996-3.6.1997 army; 6 months as a Airforce resident physician, army rank lieutenant. 1 month Tel Hashomer University Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel. 6 months of GP work at health-care center In Rovaniemi maalaiskunta. Numerous on-call weekends in healthcare centers in northwestern Finland.


I am currently doing research on fMRI and the focus is developing fMRI to a clinical imaging applicability and increasing understanding of baseline activity of the brain with an ultra-fast multimodal approach.

International collaboration

Professors Yu-Feng Zang, Hangzhou Normal University, China. Michael Greicius, Stanford University, Bharat Biswal in NYU, USA , Peter Jones Cambridge University, Stephen Smith, Oxford fMRIRB, England. Tomas Paus Toronto University, Bruce Pike Montreal MNI Canada, Pierre LeVan Freiburg University, Martin Walter, Magdeburg, Germany, MAiken Nedergaard, Rochester, USA

Finnish collaborators

Prof. Risto Myllylä from Opto-Electronics, prof. Juha Veijola Psychiatry, Irma Moilanen Child Psychiatry, prof Heikki Rantala Pediatric Neurology Depts Oulu University.Prof docent Anne Remes, Neurology, University of Eastern Finland, Prof. Mikko Sams and prof. Synnove Carlson, Aalto University, Helsinki, Matias Palva HU, Kai Kaila Prof, HU, Juha Voipio Prof., HU

Oulu Functional NeuroImaging