Research groups and topics

Osmo Tervonen

          MIPT Manager

Nieminen Group

          MRI biomarkers for skeletal diseases
          Dosimetry in radiology
          Display technology
          Student research projects – Online application form

Saarakkala Group

          X-ray-based clinical imaging and image analysis for diagnostics of osteoarthritis
          Biomedical imaging and image analysis of structure and composition of skeletal tissues in micro/nanometer scale
          Conventional histology of skeletal tissues
          FTIR and Raman spectroscopy of skeletal diseases

Jämsä Group

Risk factors for fractures
Detection and risk factors of falls
Physical activity monitoring
Technology solutions for health promotion and healthy aging

Pikkarainen Group

        Data driven personalized health services
        Artificial Intelligence and decision support systems as an enabler for data driven health services
        Co-creation between healthcare specialist, firms and end users to assure the user driven service co-creation
        Optimal care journey processes (from patient, business and hospital perspective)

Kiviniemi Group

        Oulu Functional Neuroimaging

Liimatainen Group

        Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging